I've started playing League of Legends in 2010, right after beta ended. I've played many things over years. Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, ranked games, even some tournaments.

Over years, I discovered my true and only love. It is ARAMonly.

This website

I created it out of a passion for ARAM mode in League of Legends game.

I play lots of very off meta builds, that are unconventional, cool and fun. I wanted to create place where I could share my knowledge, passion and insights on ARAM mode with wider audience. And so, aramonly.com was born.


Remember! Most of build guides and recommendations are only my opinion!

It means that:

  • I would play it.
  • I think that build works (or is playable at least).
  • I don't recommend troll builds.

League of Legends evolves all the time. New items, new runes or new champions creates space for more cool, fun and interesting builds.

Also builds can always be better and improved!

Contact / Contribute

  • Want to contact me? I will be happy to get in touch! My contact details here!

  • You just found some cool build that you want to share? Some build is missing? Just want to contribute? Find out how!