AP Aatrox ARAM Build

AP Aatrox Build for ARAM gives Best AP Aatrox ARAM runes. With items, skill order, summoner spells, this LoL AP Aatrox ARAM guide offers complete AP Aatrox ARAM Build for Patch 14.7 in League of Legends
ARAM Build Guide for champion Aatrox and build AP.
Unconventional and very fun AP Aatrox build that is focused around this very specific item and rune.
Aatrox ARAM modifiers
DMG done +5%


Starting items
Hextech Alternator should be final item in your build.
Quick Skill Order
Aatrox ability The Darkin Blade should be leveled first.
Aatrox ability Umbral Dash should be leveled second.
Aatrox ability Infernal Chains should be leveled third.
Final items
Ionian Boots of Lucidity should be final item in your build.
Hextech Rocketbelt should be final item in your build.
Warmog's Armor should be final item in your build.
Thornmail should be final item in your build.
Kaenic Rookern should be final item in your build.
Liandry's Torment should be final item in your build.
Quick Runes
Major rune First Strike from Inspiration tree.
Minor rune Domination.
Summoner spells
Pick Ignite as your Summoner Spell.
Pick Flash as your Summoner Spell.

AP Aatrox Runes

Inspiration major tree Glacial Augment rune.
Inspiration major tree Unsealed Spellbook rune.
Inspiration major tree First Strike rune.
Inspiration major tree Hextech Flashtraption rune.
Inspiration major tree Magical Footwear rune.
Inspiration major tree Triple Tonic rune.
Inspiration major tree Future's Market rune.
Inspiration major tree Minion Dematerializer rune.
Inspiration major tree Biscuit Delivery rune.
Inspiration major tree Cosmic Insight rune.
Inspiration major tree Approach Velocity rune.
Inspiration major tree Time Warp Tonic rune.
Domination minor tree Cheap Shot rune.
Domination minor tree Taste of Blood rune.
Domination minor tree Sudden Impact rune.
Domination minor tree Zombie Ward rune.
Domination minor tree Ghost Poro rune.
Domination minor tree Eyeball Collection rune.
Domination minor tree Treasure Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Ingenious Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Relentless Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Ultimate Hunter rune.
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Attack Speed rune (+10% Attack Speed).
Passive tree Ability Haste rune (+8 Ability Haste).
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Move Speed rune (+2 Movement Speed).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).
Passive tree Health rune (+65 Health).
Passive tree Tenacity And Slow Resist rune (+10 Tenacity and Slow Resist).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).

How it works

  1. You rush Hextech Rocketbelt #1, Liandry's Torment #2.
  2. You get Ingenious Hunter and Cosmic Insight runes to use Hextech Rocketbelt often, almost like ability.
  3. You poke with Hextech and First Strike to earn gold and burn enemies.
  4. After core items, you adapt. You can play as a tank or as a damage dealer.

How to play

  1. Use Hextech Rocketbelt active to poke your enemies all the time, earning gold with First Strike.
  2. Adapt to the enemy team. Build tanky or more damage. You can play as a utility tank, poke, or even you can go some AD items to still have plenty of damage. Depends on the team and how you want to play.
  3. For utility tank, remember that Liandry's Torment works good with Serpent's Fang (to counter shields) and Oblivion Orb (to counter healing).
  4. Ingenious Hunter reduces cooldown of all active items, so Zhonya's Hourglass really works well with this build.
  5. Wait for the First Strike and proc it with your combo, to deal damage and earn gold.
  6. Be careful to not get poked, because you waste First Strike procs.
  7. Your main money-making combo is First Strike + Hextech Rocketbelt + following that up with Qs + E.
  8. Your alternate combo just for poke is E, then First Strike + Hextech Rocketbelt.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Q + Flash combos: You can use Flash during any time of Q animations. You can even combine that with Umbral Dash (E). You can Flash and E in any direction, making very spectacular and flashy plays.
  2. You can use Umbral Dash (E) for short dash, this way animation lasts shorter, and you can get crucial milliseconds to auto attack faster (can be deciding a factor in 1v1).
  3. You can reset your auto attack timer with Umbral Dash (E). It might be crucial in duels, or when pushing enemy turrets.
  1. Use Umbral Dash while casting The Darkin Blade to increase your chances of hitting the enemy.
  2. Crowd Control abilities like Infernal Chains or your allies' immobilizing effects will help you set up The Darkin Blade.
  3. Cast World Ender when you are sure you can force a fight.

Skill Order

  • Aatrox [object Object] ability.
    The Darkin Blade
  • Aatrox [object Object] ability.
    Infernal Chains
  • Aatrox [object Object] ability.
    Umbral Dash
  • Aatrox [object Object] ability.
    World Ender


Starting items
Hextech Alternator item.
Rush #1
Hextech Rocketbelt item.
Rush #2
Liandry's Torment item.
Plated Steelcaps item.
Mercury's Treads item.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.
Good tank items
Jak'Sho, The Protean item.
Warmog's Armor item.
Good MR items
Force of Nature item.
Spirit Visage item.
Kaenic Rookern item.
Hollow Radiance item.
Abyssal Mask item.
Good Armor items
Iceborn Gauntlet item.
Sunfire Aegis item.
Randuin's Omen item.
Thornmail item.
Unending Despair item.
Dead Man's Plate item.
Situational items
Knight's Vow item.
Anathema's Chains item.
Trailblazer item.
Optional AD items
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Serylda's Grudge item.
The Collector item.
Chempunk Chainsword item.
Ravenous Hydra item.
Axiom Arc item.
Situational items
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Serpent's Fang item.
Zhonya's Hourglass item.
Oblivion Orb item.
Try if you super fed
Cosmic Drive item.
Lich Bane item.
Horizon Focus item.
For the last fight
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Elixir of Iron item.
Seeker's Armguard item.
Elixir of Wrath item.
Example final build
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.
Hextech Rocketbelt item.
Warmog's Armor item.
Thornmail item.
Kaenic Rookern item.
Liandry's Torment item.