AP Bard ARAM Build

AP Bard Build for ARAM gives Best AP Bard ARAM runes. With items, skill order, summoner spells, this LoL AP Bard ARAM guide offers complete AP Bard ARAM Build for Patch 14.7 in League of Legends
ARAM Build Guide for champion Bard and build AP.
AP Bard build for ARAM.
Bard ARAM modifiers
DMG done +15%
DMG taken -15%
Healing +20%


Starting items
Hextech Alternator should be final item in your build.
Quick Skill Order
Bard ability Cosmic Binding should be leveled first.
Bard ability Caretaker's Shrine should be leveled second.
Bard ability Magical Journey should be leveled third.
Final items
Sorcerer's Shoes should be final item in your build.
Stormsurge should be final item in your build.
Nashor's Tooth should be final item in your build.
Rapid Firecannon should be final item in your build.
Rabadon's Deathcap should be final item in your build.
Lich Bane should be final item in your build.
Quick Runes
Major rune Dark Harvest from Domination tree.
Minor rune Precision.
Summoner spells
Pick Ghost as your Summoner Spell.
Pick Flash as your Summoner Spell.

AP Bard Runes

Domination major tree Electrocute rune.
Domination major tree Predator rune.
Domination major tree Dark Harvest rune.
Domination major tree Hail of Blades rune.
Domination major tree Cheap Shot rune.
Domination major tree Taste of Blood rune.
Domination major tree Sudden Impact rune.
Domination major tree Zombie Ward rune.
Domination major tree Ghost Poro rune.
Domination major tree Eyeball Collection rune.
Domination major tree Treasure Hunter rune.
Domination major tree Ingenious Hunter rune.
Domination major tree Relentless Hunter rune.
Domination major tree Ultimate Hunter rune.
Precision minor tree Overheal rune.
Precision minor tree Triumph rune.
Precision minor tree Presence of Mind rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Alacrity rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Tenacity rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Bloodline rune.
Precision minor tree Coup de Grace rune.
Precision minor tree Cut Down rune.
Precision minor tree Last Stand rune.
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Attack Speed rune (+10% Attack Speed).
Passive tree Ability Haste rune (+8 Ability Haste).
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Move Speed rune (+2 Movement Speed).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).
Passive tree Health rune (+65 Health).
Passive tree Tenacity And Slow Resist rune (+10 Tenacity and Slow Resist).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).

How it works

  1. You play as burst oriented Mage.
  2. You build AP items.
  3. You rush Stormsurge.

How to play

  1. Playing AP Bard build, your default rush is Stormsurge.
  2. Adapt to an enemy team. Are they full of tanks, and they rush tons of Magic Resist? You rush Void Staff as #2 or #3 item to counter MR stacking. Their team has champs with lots of healing? Rush Oblivion Orb as #2 item (upgrade to Morellonomicon as 4th or 5th item).
  3. Somebody is going after you each fight? Always getting ulted by enemy assassins? Rush Zhonya's Hourglass.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Collecting chimes is essential. It improves your damage and Passive effects, gives mana and movement speed. Do it!
  2. Low on mana? Collect some chimes.
  3. Use your W. Put it somewhere behind your team, so they can use it when needed and enemy can't destroy it. Let it charge for increased Healing.
  4. You can have 3 Ws at the same time. You can leave 2 Ws behind your team for healing.
  5. You have great engaging tool with your R. Play with your team and do not wait for 'special moment'. You can land great Rs, catching people off and making engagements possible.
  6. Identify the best targets for your Ultimate. Is there an enemy who lacks mobility? That's a good target. Sometimes you can use it for disrupting fights. Or for protecting your allies. Be mindful!
  7. E is an interesting tool that you can use in ARAM. You can aggressively E into an enemy team or play mind games with them.
  1. It's important to collect chimes to improve your meep's attacks, but don't neglect your lane partner! Try to make a big entrance by bringing an ally into the lane with you with Magical Journey.
  2. Let your Caretaker's Shrines charge up - they heal for a lot more when at full power.
  3. Don't forget that enemies can also use your Magical Journey doorways, and that your ultimate can also hit your allies!

Skill Order

  • Bard [object Object] ability.
    Cosmic Binding
  • Bard [object Object] ability.
    Caretaker's Shrine
  • Bard [object Object] ability.
    Magical Journey
  • Bard [object Object] ability.
    Tempered Fate


Starting items
Hextech Alternator item.
Rush this
Stormsurge item.
Sorcerer's Shoes item.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.
For mana problems
Rod of Ages item.
Seraph's Embrace item.
Tear of the Goddess item.
Good items
Nashor's Tooth item.
Stormsurge item.
Lich Bane item.
Shadowflame item.
Rabadon's Deathcap item.
Horizon Focus item.
Rapid Firecannon item.
Situational items
Zhonya's Hourglass item.
Morellonomicon item.
Banshee's Veil item.
Against high MR
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Void Staff item.
Cryptbloom item.
Counter high HP
Liandry's Torment item.
Counter healing
Oblivion Orb item.
Morellonomicon item.
For the last fight
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Elixir of Sorcery item.
Elixir of Iron item.
Seeker's Armguard item.
Example final build
Sorcerer's Shoes item.
Stormsurge item.
Nashor's Tooth item.
Rapid Firecannon item.
Rabadon's Deathcap item.
Lich Bane item.