Axiom Arc Graves ARAM Build

Axiom Arc Graves ARAM Build gives Best Axiom Arc Graves ARAM runes. With items, skill order, summoner spells, this LoL Axiom Arc Graves ARAM guide offers complete Axiom Arc Graves ARAM Build for Patch 14.9 in League of Legends
ARAM Build Guide for champion Graves and build Axiom Arc.
You are gonna be doing one thing and one thing only... ultin' enemies.
Graves ARAM modifiers


Starting items
Serrated Dirk should be final item in your build.
Quick Skill Order
Graves ability End of the Line should be leveled first.
Graves ability Quickdraw should be leveled second.
Graves ability Smoke Screen should be leveled third.
Final items
Axiom Arc should be final item in your build.
The Collector should be final item in your build.
Youmuu's Ghostblade should be final item in your build.
Serylda's Grudge should be final item in your build.
Hubris should be final item in your build.
Muramana should be final item in your build.
Quick Runes
Major rune First Strike from Inspiration tree.
Minor rune Domination.
Summoner spells
Pick Ghost as your Summoner Spell.
Pick Flash as your Summoner Spell.

Axiom Arc Graves Runes

Inspiration major tree Glacial Augment rune.
Inspiration major tree Unsealed Spellbook rune.
Inspiration major tree First Strike rune.
Inspiration major tree Hextech Flashtraption rune.
Inspiration major tree Magical Footwear rune.
Inspiration major tree Triple Tonic rune.
Inspiration major tree Future's Market rune.
Inspiration major tree Minion Dematerializer rune.
Inspiration major tree Biscuit Delivery rune.
Inspiration major tree Cosmic Insight rune.
Inspiration major tree Approach Velocity rune.
Inspiration major tree Time Warp Tonic rune.
Domination minor tree Cheap Shot rune.
Domination minor tree Taste of Blood rune.
Domination minor tree Sudden Impact rune.
Domination minor tree Zombie Ward rune.
Domination minor tree Ghost Poro rune.
Domination minor tree Eyeball Collection rune.
Domination minor tree Treasure Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Ingenious Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Relentless Hunter rune.
Domination minor tree Ultimate Hunter rune.
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Attack Speed rune (+10% Attack Speed).
Passive tree Ability Haste rune (+8 Ability Haste).
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Move Speed rune (+2 Movement Speed).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).
Passive tree Health rune (+65 Health).
Passive tree Tenacity And Slow Resist rune (+10 Tenacity and Slow Resist).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).


  1. Updated for 14.1 League of Legends Patch.

How it works

  1. You build Attack Damage and Lethality to boost damage from your abilities.
  2. You rush Axiom Arc to reduce cooldown of your ultimate, so you can use it more often.
  3. You try to make the most of your First Strike procs to earn gold and deal damage.

How to play

  1. This is a specialization of regular Lethality Graves build that is all about big ults and ulting very often, thanks to Axiom Arc.
  2. Build Axiom Arc first, follow up with Mythic Item, then with Lethality/AD items.
  3. It is okay to not buy boots, or to sell them in the late game. Use 6th slot for more Lethality! You are covered with Ghost.
  4. Since 14.1 Boots become even more optional, since you can get Youmuu's Ghostblade!
  5. Wait for First Strike and proc it with your combo, to deal damage and earn gold.
  6. Be careful to not get poked, because you waste First Strike procs.
  7. Your usual money-making combo is First Strike + E, followed by Q + R with auto attacks if possible.
  8. Your alternate combo just for poke is First Strike + Q + W + auto attacks if possible.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You do more damage the closer you are to your target.
  2. Use auto attack reset (AA + Quickdraw (E) + AA). If you time it properly, you can have two almost instant AA for big burst damage.
  3. Combo for big damage: AA + Q + E + AA.
  1. Smoke Screen can be used both to escape and to set up a kill.
  2. Using Quickdraw to get into range and delivering a point blank Buckshot can do lots of damage.

Skill Order

  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    End of the Line
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    Smoke Screen
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    Collateral Damage


Starting items
Serrated Dirk item.
Rush this
Axiom Arc item.
Plated Steelcaps item.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.
Mercury's Treads item.
Good items
Hubris item.
Serylda's Grudge item.
Youmuu's Ghostblade item.
The Collector item.
Opportunity item.
For mana problems
Tear of the Goddess item.
Muramana item.
Situational items
Serpent's Fang item.
Essence Reaver item.
Mercurial Scimitar item.
Black Cleaver item.
Chempunk Chainsword item.
Lord Dominik's Regards item.
Good defensive items
Maw of Malmortius item.
Edge of Night item.
For the last fight
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Elixir of Iron item.
Elixir of Wrath item.
Example final build
Axiom Arc item.
The Collector item.
Youmuu's Ghostblade item.
Serylda's Grudge item.
Hubris item.
Muramana item.