Thornmail Graves ARAM Build

Thornmail Graves ARAM Build gives Best Thornmail Graves ARAM runes. With items, skill order, summoner spells, this LoL Thornmail Graves ARAM guide offers complete Thornmail Graves ARAM Build for Patch 14.9 in League of Legends
ARAM Build Guide for champion Graves and build Thornmail.
Thornmail Graves build for ARAM. Counter physical damage, stack Armor or don't play at all!
Graves ARAM modifiers


Starting items
Bramble Vest should be final item in your build.
Ruby Crystal should be final item in your build.
Quick Skill Order
Graves ability Quickdraw should be leveled first.
Graves ability End of the Line should be leveled second.
Graves ability Smoke Screen should be leveled third.
Final items
Thornmail should be final item in your build.
Abyssal Mask should be final item in your build.
Sunfire Aegis should be final item in your build.
Randuin's Omen should be final item in your build.
Dead Man's Plate should be final item in your build.
Jak'Sho, The Protean should be final item in your build.
Quick Runes
Major rune Grasp of the Undying from Resolve tree.
Minor rune Precision.
Summoner spells
Pick Mark as your Summoner Spell.
Pick Flash as your Summoner Spell.

Thornmail Graves Runes

Resolve major tree Grasp of the Undying rune.
Resolve major tree Aftershock rune.
Resolve major tree Guardian rune.
Resolve major tree Demolish rune.
Resolve major tree Font of Life rune.
Resolve major tree Shield Bash rune.
Resolve major tree Conditioning rune.
Resolve major tree Second Wind rune.
Resolve major tree Bone Plating rune.
Resolve major tree Overgrowth rune.
Resolve major tree Revitalize rune.
Resolve major tree Unflinching rune.
Precision minor tree Overheal rune.
Precision minor tree Triumph rune.
Precision minor tree Presence of Mind rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Alacrity rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Tenacity rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Bloodline rune.
Precision minor tree Coup de Grace rune.
Precision minor tree Cut Down rune.
Precision minor tree Last Stand rune.
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Attack Speed rune (+10% Attack Speed).
Passive tree Ability Haste rune (+8 Ability Haste).
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Move Speed rune (+2 Movement Speed).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).
Passive tree Health rune (+65 Health).
Passive tree Tenacity And Slow Resist rune (+10 Tenacity and Slow Resist).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).

How it works

  1. You rush Thornmail.
  2. You go full Armor.
  3. Hit or miss. Works only if an enemy team is full of physical melee damage dealers. Otherwise, play regular tank build.

How to play

  1. How is this Thornmail build for Graves different to regular tank builds? Item order, Armor stacking and countering enemy physical damage dealers!
  2. This build is aimed to counter AD comps. Since you don't know the enemy team, you need to adapt in game. It is hit or miss. If they are heavy AP - just play regular tank.
  3. Late game, you can consider selling boots for 6th item - for even more sweet Thornmail damage!
  4. Remember to consume your Grasp of the Undying procs!
  5. You get extra spikey by using Quickdraw (E), thanks to increased Armor (it gives double stacks if you E into enemy direction). So do it!

Tips and Tricks

  1. You do more damage the closer you are to your target.
  2. Use auto attack reset (AA + Quickdraw (E) + AA). If you time it properly, you can have two almost instant AA for big burst damage.
  3. Combo for big damage: AA + Q + E + AA.
  1. Smoke Screen can be used both to escape and to set up a kill.
  2. Using Quickdraw to get into range and delivering a point blank Buckshot can do lots of damage.

Skill Order

  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    End of the Line
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    Smoke Screen
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
  • Graves [object Object] ability.
    Collateral Damage


Starting items
Bramble Vest item.
Ruby Crystal item.
Rush this
Thornmail item.
Good tank items
Jak'Sho, The Protean item.
Warmog's Armor item.
Good MR items
Kaenic Rookern item.
Abyssal Mask item.
Spirit Visage item.
Hollow Radiance item.
Force of Nature item.
Good Armor items
Randuin's Omen item.
Sunfire Aegis item.
Iceborn Gauntlet item.
Thornmail item.
Unending Despair item.
Dead Man's Plate item.
Frozen Heart item.
Situational items
Titanic Hydra item.
For the last fight
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Elixir of Iron item.
Elixir of Wrath item.
Example final build
Thornmail item.
Abyssal Mask item.
Sunfire Aegis item.
Randuin's Omen item.
Dead Man's Plate item.
Jak'Sho, The Protean item.