Bruiser Jhin Build

Bruiser Jhin build with runes and items. Bruiser Jhin guide offers in-depth how-to play, skill order and tips. Play Bruiser Jhin build in League of Legends Patch 14.13!

Updated: 2024-06-29 ()
ARAM Build Guide for champion Jhin and build Bruiser.
Titanic Hydra Jhin build. You, Jhin, Grasp of the Undying and one very specific item. Hail Hydra!
Jhin ARAM modifiers
DMG done -10%
DMG taken +5%


Starting items
Tiamat should be final item in your build.
Quick Skill Order
Jhin ability Dancing Grenade should be leveled first.
Jhin ability Deadly Flourish should be leveled second.
Jhin ability Captive Audience should be leveled third.
Final items
Mercury's Treads should be final item in your build.
Titanic Hydra should be final item in your build.
Force of Nature should be final item in your build.
Thornmail should be final item in your build.
Sundered Sky should be final item in your build.
Warmog's Armor should be final item in your build.
Quick Runes
Major rune Grasp of the Undying from Resolve tree.
Minor rune Precision.
Summoner spells
Pick Ghost as your Summoner Spell.
Pick Flash as your Summoner Spell.

Bruiser Jhin Runes

Resolve major tree Grasp of the Undying rune.
Resolve major tree Aftershock rune.
Resolve major tree Guardian rune.
Resolve major tree Demolish rune.
Resolve major tree Font of Life rune.
Resolve major tree Shield Bash rune.
Resolve major tree Conditioning rune.
Resolve major tree Second Wind rune.
Resolve major tree Bone Plating rune.
Resolve major tree Overgrowth rune.
Resolve major tree Revitalize rune.
Resolve major tree Unflinching rune.
Precision minor tree Absorb Life rune.
Precision minor tree Triumph rune.
Precision minor tree Presence of Mind rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Alacrity rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Haste rune.
Precision minor tree Legend: Bloodline rune.
Precision minor tree Coup de Grace rune.
Precision minor tree Cut Down rune.
Precision minor tree Last Stand rune.
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Attack Speed rune (+10% Attack Speed).
Passive tree Ability Haste rune (+8 Ability Haste).
Passive tree Adaptive Force rune (+9 Adaptive Force).
Passive tree Move Speed rune (+2 Movement Speed).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).
Passive tree Health rune (+65 Health).
Passive tree Tenacity And Slow Resist rune (+10 Tenacity and Slow Resist).
Passive tree Health Scaling rune (+10-180 Health (based on level)).

How it works

  1. You play Bruiser stacking HP, auto attacking and rushing one specific item. You adapt to enemy team, building tanky items.
  2. You rush Titanic Hydra.
  3. Titanic Hydra can be your only damage item.
  4. Your auto attacks are quite powerful, thanks to Titanic Hydra and Grasp of the Undying. It's your main source of damage + your abilities.
  5. Hydra Jhin still has tons of damage thanks to fourth shot execute + damage from abilities + R.
  6. You can reset auto attack and shot two autos at once if you activate Titanic Hydra right away after the first shot (but don't do this midair because you will trigger it off first shot).
  7. For easy Deadly Flourish (W) root, just hit minion in the back, Titanic Hydra hits them as collateral damage, and you insta root them.
  8. Don't be afraid to shamefully R in front of the enemies. This is going to bait them into attacking you, but hey surprise. You are actually a tank now.

How to play

  1. This build is focused on a single item - Titanic Hydra.
  2. How is this build different to other bruisers builds? The main difference is item rush order. You rush Titanic Hydra first, then adapt to the situation!
  3. Sundered Sky is very good damage item for this build. It scales off your HP (so Grasp, Overgrowth). It gives damage and pretty good sustain in fights. Remember to switch targets to maximize the effect!
  4. A very effective way of poking enemies is to use Titanic Hydra Active and hit minions in front of them (closer to them, better the effect).
  5. Another effective way of poking enemies with Titanic, is to hit caster minions in the back.
  6. Enemy team heavy on AP? Buy MR. They heavy on AD? Buy Armor. You need some damage? Well buy that.
  7. Remember to consume your Grasp of the Undying procs!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Before using Ultimate, you can place traps before you, so enemies will have a hard time getting to you in time.
  2. Simple combo: place trap and wait for the enemy to come, then W him, this way he takes tons of damage.
  3. Harder combo: traps stack, you can place multiple in one spot and wait for an enemy with W.
  4. You can use traps for bush control. You can also use them to annoy enemy team - when enemies are under turret, put traps in minions weaves to trigger them, or behind turret.
  5. Slow enemy push by placing traps on the minions' path.
  6. Do not wait for 'special moment' and just use R on the enemy team when possible!
  1. Deadly Flourish has incredible range. When approaching a fight be sure to look ahead for enemies that could be rooted.
  2. Your ultimate deals significantly less damage to enemies with full health. Look to pick off weakened targets as they run away.
  3. You can still cast your spells while reloading. Use them to fill the down time.

Skill Order

  • Jhin [object Object] ability.
    Dancing Grenade
  • Jhin [object Object] ability.
    Deadly Flourish
  • Jhin [object Object] ability.
    Captive Audience
  • Jhin [object Object] ability.
    Curtain Call


Starting items
Tiamat item.
Rush #1
Titanic Hydra item.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.
Mercury's Treads item.
Berserker's Greaves item.
Plated Steelcaps item.
Good bruiser items
Heartsteel item.
Sterak's Gage item.
Sundered Sky item.
Blade of The Ruined King item.
Titanic Hydra item.
Wit's End item.
Good tanky items
Fimbulwinter item.
Overlord's Bloodmail item.
Warmog's Armor item.
Jak'Sho, The Protean item.
Good MR items
Spirit Visage item.
Force of Nature item.
Kaenic Rookern item.
Good Armor items
Iceborn Gauntlet item.
Thornmail item.
Randuin's Omen item.
Dead Man's Plate item.
Frozen Heart item.
Situational items
Trailblazer item.
Knight's Vow item.
For the last fight
Additional considerations for these items is advised!
Elixir of Iron item.
Elixir of Wrath item.
Example final build
Mercury's Treads item.
Titanic Hydra item.
Force of Nature item.
Thornmail item.
Sundered Sky item.
Warmog's Armor item.