Better mobile and more builds!

This is second update. For the most part, I was targeting mobile usability of the website. Various improvements (thanks /u/itsmerdem for really great feedback regarding user-first approach!). Still some very important items on my todo list (starting with search!). Hopefully will ship it in next update.

New Builds

  1. Tank Aatrox
  2. Grasp Bruiser Aatrox
  3. Tank Zyra
  4. Hydra Bruiser Zyra
  5. AP Amumu
  6. AP Ivern
  7. Tank Akali
  8. Tank Fizz
  9. Tank Gangplank
  10. Tank Gragas
  11. AP Gragas
  12. AP Zac
  13. AP Rocketbelt Yorick
  14. Tank Warwick
  15. Tank Yorick
  16. Tank Ziggs
  17. Tank Zoe
  18. AP Lulu
  19. Support Annie
  20. Support Lux
  21. Tanky Support Tahm Kench
  22. Tank Diana
  23. Tank Gwen
  24. Tank Jax
  25. Tank Nocturne
  26. Tank Pantheon
  27. Tank Udyr
  28. Tank Urgot
  29. Tank Xin Zhao
  30. Tank Tryndamere


  1. [FEATURE] Lots of improvements for Mobile for better, faster and more pleasant browsing!
  2. [FEATURE] Added Dark/Light Mode toggle.