Next bunch of cool builds!

This is going to be first update ever to! Lots of builds, some bug fixes and technical changes. Also updated for patch 13.1B!


Added 29 new builds!

  1. Shield Vi (credit: OverdriverJC from EUNE)
  2. AP Burn Hecarim (credit: miruk from EUW)
  3. Glacial Mandate Trundle (credit: miruk from EUW)
  4. AP Rengar (credit: miruk from EUW)
  5. Healer Tank Shaco (credit: miruk from EUW)
  6. ADC Hybrid Corki (thanks: /u/FearRox for motivation!)
  7. Jak'Sho Tank Rammus (thanks: /u/FearRox for motivation!)
  8. Imperial Mandate Poke Ashe (thanks: /u/FearRox for motivation!)
  9. AP Burn Ashe
  10. AD Lethality Jhin
  11. AP Burn Jhin
  12. AD Lethality Jinx
  13. ADC Lethal Tempo On Hit Jinx
  14. AP Burn Maokai
  15. AP Burn Nasus
  16. Conqueror Bruiser Wukong
  17. Claymore AP Burn Nidalee
  18. ADC Lethal Tempo Crit Twisted Fate
  19. ADC Lethal Tempo On Hit Twisted Fate
  20. AP Burn Twisted Fate
  21. Tank Yasuo
  22. Tank Yone

For Kayle enjoyers

Thanks /u/nadmanganianp0tasu for motivation!

  1. Meta Riftmaker Kayle
  2. ADC Crit Kayle
  3. AP Kayle
  4. Support Kayle
  5. Tank Kayle
  6. Grasp Bruiser Kayle
  7. Hydra Kayle


  1. [CONTENT] Updated website for patch 13.1B. Changed crit ADCs recommendations and added notes section on item order.
  2. [FEATURE] Added News section (hello!).
  3. [TECHNICAL] Changed hosting, so website was not available for some time (apologies!).
  4. [FEATURE] Added "Credit: Author" field for builds, to promote other people ideas for ARAM builds!
  5. [BUGFIX] Fixed build order for some champs (i.e. order of the displayed builds for some champs, was random).
  6. [FEATURE] Ability to add notes tooltips for item recommendations.
  7. [CONTENT] All support builds using Ardent/Mikaels/Zeke adjusted - those items moved to Situational with tooltip description when to use them.
  8. [CONTENT] Added notes on considerations to AP Rocketbelt builds (i.e Aatrox, Riven).
  9. [CONTENT] Corrected bruisers build that had not optimal items as Final (Goredrinker -> Divine Sunderer).