Patch 13.10 update

League of Legends Patch 13.10, Patch Analysis, various improvements and new ARAM 135 builds! Also, I've created Discord server. I post some updates there + milestones for the website and other things. Click here to join!


  1. [CONTENT] Updated all builds for League of Legends Patch 13.10
  2. [CONTENT] Added 135 builds!
  3. [CONTENT] Added Win ratio, Popular Skill Order and Popular Summoners to Builds list.
  4. [CONTENT] Reworked builds page to make it more readable (aram modifiers, stats, popular and best things).
  5. [CONTENT] Reworked Free Rotation page LINK
  6. [CONTENT] Covering all ARAM modifiers (Tenacity, Total Attack Speed, Energy Regeneration and Ability Haste)!


All builds updated for League of Legends Patch 13.10 (let me know if some not).

Added 135 new builds! Some highlights include

  1. Navori Crit builds
  2. Helia Support builds
  3. Slow Tank Vladimir
  4. Spin To Win Garen
  5. Need for Speed Sivir
  6. Full Penetration Garen
  7. AP Wukong
  8. AP Graves
  9. Blue Seraphine
  10. Riftmaker Jax

and tons more!

League of Legends Patch 13.10 Analysis

This patch brings lots of changes and shakes ARAM game a little bit. Below, you can find analysis on the most impactful changes for ARAM.

Support items

  • Moonstone Renewer is slightly worse, than before. It became sustain only item. Some builds are no longer possible. Overall, bad change.
  • Echoes of Helia - cool mythic item that opens up tons of new builds (I am pretty sure EVERY champ can play Echoes of Helia + Rylai's/Serylda's + Font of Life and be at least OK!). However, in comparison to old Moonstone, it is worse.
  • Imperial Mandate - very cool change. Mages/Tanks can now use it. Really strong.
  • Abyssal Mask- awful change. This change really restricts mana users from mana. It was really solid item that helped with sutain for tanks. Only alternative right now is to use plain Catalyst of Aeons or get other mana items like Fimbulwinter/Frozen Heart.

Crit items

  • Navori Quickblades - technically nothing big, but standarization. However it is cool mythic item creates tons of new builds. Generally there are two ways for AD casters now, one with Duskblade/Eclipse and Lethality and with Navori/Crit.
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade - On-Hit builds became more meta and more "defined" in a sense, that there's dedicated mythic item. You rather do not rush it as #1, but as #2 or #3. OK change.
  • Infinity Edge - nothing big, just standardization
  • Statikk Shiv - hidden OP item for Mages that can auto attack. Solid choice for carries as well.
  • Kraken Slayer - interesting change for carries, some auto attackers and even mages. Might be good for Riftmaker users (Jax/Xin etc).
  • Stormrazor - cool item and addition. Will definitely be used by carries and it looks like another hidden OP item for Mages that can auto attack.
  • Immortal Shieldbow - another interesting change - for carries and even for bruisers. Some more damage oriented bruisers (like Irelia) will use this item.

Assasin items

  • Duskblade of Draktharr - lost invisibility for untargetability (still very strong), but passive damage part on abilities is super strong. Interesting change.
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade - became mythic item and I am not really sure where it fits in ARAM. Maybe it will more apparent long term, however for now default choice is Duskblade/Eclipse.
  • Prowler's Claw - goodbye Berserker Sion (I think). From very niche item, to something that's seems to be OK/Good (depending on champion/build). It also opens new builds - like Prowler's Leblanc (need to play it).

Other items

  • Force of Nature - nerf, but it is still gonna be used as before, because there's simply not enough MR items to buy.
  • Divine Sunderer - another nerf that makes this item worse. Still OK, but overall, it might be good moment to switch to Goredrinker/Stridebreaker or even to Trinity Force.
  • Trinity Force - this item keeps getting buffed from patch to patch with some small changes and it might be actually good and viable now. Needs some more testing.

This is big patch with lots of changes and I am sure we will get more fun builds over time.