LoL Patch 13.16 update

New builds, Tips and Tricks section, Top Liked builds and build categories!


  1. [CONTENT] Changelog: lots of builds (I added over 60) in last two weeks and reviewed lots of existing ones
  2. [CONTENT] Added Tips and Tricks section (example: check any Karthus build)
  3. [CONTENT] Added top liked builds on main page
  4. [CONTENT] Added build categories (thanks SadBeatz for suggestion!)

Build Categories

This is ongoing thing, but now there are three categories (might change it)

  1. Meta builds - builds that people play all the time and are most popular.
  2. Off-Meta builds - builds that people sometimes play
  3. Fun - broad category consisting of viable builds that you can play, have fun and enjoy the game!

If you have any ideas, let me know!