Patch 13.9 update

It's been some time again! The biggest change since last news is statistical data and insight into trends. What people play and buys. Also, new builds!

Discord server

I've created new Discord server. Feel free to join to share your builds, discuss strategies and find others to play with. Click here to join!


Added 36 new builds! Some highlights include

  1. Debuff oriented Posion Master Twitch
  2. Shield Tank Quinn
  3. Tanky and fun Hydra Ashe
  4. Slow and utility oriented Imperial Mandate Zilean
  5. Come back of AP Riftmaker Xin Zhao
  6. Blue Vayne
  7. ADC On-Hit Lulu
  8. Unusual AP Riftmaker Viego

and 28 more!


  1. [CONTENT] Discord server
  2. [CONTENT] Updated website for patch 13.9.
  3. [CONTENT] Various improvements for mobile.
  4. [CONTENT] Added 35 builds!