Next major update!

It's been some time! Since then, I was working on redesigning the website, to make it better, easier and overall more pleasant for anyone to use. Also, new builds!


Added 173 new builds! Some highlights include

  1. Meditate Tank Master Yi
  2. Warcry Trynda
  3. Thornivia
  4. AP Dagger Shaco
  5. Berserker Sion (ARAM special)

and 168 more!


  1. [CONTENT] Updated website for patch 13.5. Yuumi rework included.
  2. [FEATURE] Redesigned UI/UX for the website. My goal was to provide better experience overall and make it easier to use it.
  3. [CONTENT] Added 173 builds!

Please note that Dark Mode will be added back in few days! EDIT: Dark Mode has been restored in basic form. I am going to polish it a bit in coming days as well.